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26 November 2015: Commission launches 2016 European Semester

November 27, 2015

The European Commission has launched the annual economic governance cycle of 2016 presenting the Annual Growth Survey. The Commission recommends building on the three main pillars for the EU's economic and social policy: re-launching investment, pursuing structural reforms, and responsible fiscal policies. The package presented reflects the new approach to the European Semester set out […]

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21 October 2015: Commission presents concrete steps for EMU short term development

October 21, 2015

In a follow up to the Five President's Report of June 2015, the European Commission has today presented several new initiatives for the short term development of EMU, regarding such issues as external representation of the euro area at the IMF, a further streamlining of the European Semester, and improvement of the tools of economic […]

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15 January: ECOFIN Council adopts conclusions on Annual Growth Strategy and Alert Mechanism Report

January 16, 2016

In its Conclusions on the Annual Growth Strategy, the Council agreed "on the broad policy priority outlined by the Commission on which national and EU level effrots should concentrate in 2016: Relaunching investment, pursuing structural reforms to modernise our economies, and responsible public finance". In its  Conclusions on the Alter Mechanism Report 2016, the Council […]

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14 January: Eurogroup discusses draft Council recommendation on euro area

January 14, 2016

For the main results see here: "The Eurogroup exchanged views on the implementation of the 2015 euro area recommendation and discussed the draft Council recommendation on economic policy of the euro area for 2016, which is scheduled to be approved by the ECOFIN Council on 15 January 2016. Ministers agreed on five policy priorities for […]

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17 June: ECOFIN closes EDP for several Member States and approves CSRs

June 17, 2016

At the ECOFIN Council of 17 June the excessive deficit procedure was closed for Cyprus, Ireland and Slovenia. These Member States will now again be subject to the preventive arm of the Stability and Growth Pact. Read the relevant press release here. The ECOFIN also approved draft recommendations and opinions on the member states' economic […]

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22 November: European Parliament debates EU economic priorities and European Semester

November 22, 2016

Read the statement by the European Commission's Vice-President Dombrovskis here. The European Parliament's press release reads: "Various ways to avoid or cushion the negative impact of austerity were debated in Tuesday's morning debate with Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis on EU economic priorities in 2017 and yearly “European Semester” economic policy coordination work. While some MEPs […]

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