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Greek implementation Fiscal Compact part of key Euro Summit deal

July 13, 2015

20150712-eurosummit-statement-greece Part of the statement reads: "Given the need to rebuild trust with Greece, the Euro Summit welcomes the commitments of the Greek authorities to legislate without delay a first set of measures. These measures, taken in full prior agreement with the Institutions, will include: (by 15 July) (…) full implementation of the relevant provisions […]

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28 April: Belgian Constitutional Court declares complaints against Fiscal Compact inadmissible

April 28, 2016

Read a summary of the judgment of the Court in French or Dutch. Read also the full jugdment in French, German, or Dutch.

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22 February: European Commission presents report on Fiscal Compact implementation

February 22, 2017

Today, the European Commission has presented its report on the compliance by the relevant parties to the Treaty on the Stability, Coordination and Governance in the EMU (the TSCG) with their obligation to implement the Balance Budget Rule in their national legal orders. The TSCG in article 8(1) invites the Commission to present this report assessing the compliance […]

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The Commission’s report on the Fiscal Compact and its expected (cautious) assessment – by Diane Fromage and Paul Dermine

May 12, 2017

Diane Fromage is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University Faculty of Law, and co-author of the Report on France on this website; Paul Dermine is a PhD researcher at Maastricht University Faculty of Law. (This comment first appeared on eufinacco, Last February, the European Commission issued its report on the Member States’ compliance with […]

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