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17 November 2015: Commission will allow budget flexibility for France after Paris attacks

November 17, 2015

After French Prime Minister Valls announced that increased security spending will prevent France from respecting its EU budget deficit target, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Moscovici commented that "The security of citizens is the absolute priority, and the commission will show full understanding." See for further reporting Reuters, EUObserver and The Guardian.

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Brussels, French Politics and the “Macron Law” – by Robin Gadbled

March 31, 2015

By Robin Gadbled (EUI) Intense debate and media attention surrounded the adoption of the French law on Growth, Economic Activity and Economic Equal Opportunities[1], more famously known under the name of its promotor: France’s new Minister to the Economy Emmanuel Macron. Read the whole comment here.

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The ESM and National Parliaments: France – by Diane Fromage

July 28, 2015

Update on the Third Greek Aid Package: On 15 July 2015 both French assemblies were called to vote on a governmental declaration concerning the rescue of Greece. Prime Minister Manuel Valls was present in the National assembly whereas his declaration was simultaneously read in the Senate by Foreign Affairs minister Laurent Fabius. Before I analyse here […]

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Europeanizing the Eurozone – by Tomas Dumbrovsky

July 31, 2015

Tomas Dumbrovsky (J.S.D. Candidate at the Yale Law School, Assistant Professor at Charles University in Prague and author of the Reports on the Czech Republic and Slovakia) (This comment first appeared on I-CONnect: The way the Greek debt crisis was handled in the last weeks has been a public relations nightmare. The more or […]

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15 July 2015: French Parliament votes on Euro Summit deal

July 16, 2015

See for more information our more recent analysis by Diane Fromage. See also the relevant section in the Report on France by Robin Gadbled and Diane Fromage for further information on parliamentary involvement in the ESM in France.

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