15 November: former Greek Finance Minister Papaconstantinou presents new book at EUI

November 15, 2016

Today George Papaconstantinou, former Finance Minister of Greece and author of ‘Game Over: The Inside Story of the Greek Crisis’, the point man in the Greek economic and financial crisis, presented his his new book at the EUI and gave the insider's view of the Greek Crisis as experienced by him.

When he became Finance Minister in October 2009, he uncovered the true extent of Greece’s fiscal troubles, went on to participate in the European discussions and efforts to create a support mechanism for Greece, and negotiated the 110 billion euro loan agreement with the EU and the IMF, together with the package of fiscal, structural and financial policies which went along with the largest loan ever received by a country.

During his tenure as Finance Minister in this critical period for Greece and Europe, he overhauled the budget process, put in place expenditure monitoring and assessment mechanisms, and created an independent statistical authority; embarked on tax reform, with legislative and organisational changes to combat tax evasion; implemented wide-ranging structural reforms in product, service and financial markets; and designed a large-scale privatisation programme.


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