CALL FOR PAPERS: The New ECB in Comparative Perspective, 19-20 September, EUI

May 12, 2017

European University Institute (Law Department/ADEMU), 19-20 September 2017

Organisers: Giorgio Monti & Thomas Beukers

Western democracies have been affected differently by the global financial crisis. Political and institutional responses have also varied greatly, including those of central banks whose policies have been more or less aggressive and proactive. While this is partly due to different central bank views of the evolution of the economy, it also represents a consequence of institutional and legal aspects of central bank mandates, of the way they are constitutionally embedded, and of the institutional flexibility in responding to new, extreme, circumstances, such as financial and sovereign debt crises.

This workshop aims at analyzing the current era of central banking from both a legal/institutional and a comparative perspective with a primary focus on the major western central banks such as the European Central Bank (ECB), Federal Reserve (FED) and Bank of England (BoE).

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