Working Papers

Title Author(s) Date
1. Credit Bureaus Between Risk-Management, Creditworthiness Assessment and Prudential Supervision Federico Ferretti 12/05/2015
1. Legal and Institutional Dimensions of EMU Intensive Workshop 22/10/2015
1. Workshop Programme 15 December 2014 21/04/2015
1. Workshop Programme 17-18 October 2014 23/04/2015
2. Conference Programme: The European banking union and its instruments Experience from the first years of an interplay with national banking supervision and resolution 19/10/2016
2. Legal Manifestations of the Emergency in National Constitutional Law Coutts, Díez Sánchez, Marketou and Pierdominici 07/05/2015
2. The Deeper Euro Crisis or: The Collapse of the EU Political Culture of Total Optimism Majone 23/04/2015
2. Workshop programma: Legal and institutional dimensions of EMU: economists and legal scholars in discussion 19/10/2016
3. ADEMU Working Paper Kilpatrick The new economic component of EMU: A lawful and effective design? Claire Kilpatrick 19/10/2016
3. Going ‘Belt and Braces’ – Domestic Effects of Euro-crisis Law Päivi Leino and Janne Salminen 07/05/2015
3. Legal Writing(s) on the Euro Crisis Thomas Beukers 23/04/2015
4. A Myopic Economic Constitution? Controlling the Debt and the Deficit without Fiscal Integration Violeta Ruiz Almendral 07/05/2015
4. ADEMU Working Paper: The Single Supervisory Mechanism: Legal Fragilities and Possible Solutions Giorgio Monti & Christy Petit 19/10/2016
4. Law and the Euro Crisis: A View from Political Economy Dermot Hodson 07/05/2015
5. The variable geometry of the euro-crisis: a look at the non-euro area Member States Thomas Beukers and Marijn van der Sluis 12/06/2015
6. Constitutions, social rights and sovereign debt states in Europe: a challenging new area of constitutional inquiry Claire Kilpatrick 16/06/2015
7. Taking budgetary powers away from national parliaments? On parliamentary prerogatives in the Eurozone crisis Cristina Fasone 03/08/2015