A Dynamic EMU (ADEMU) | Working Papers

In this section you will find Working Papers resulting from ADEMU research.

The EUI has signed its first Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action (RIA): A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union (ADEMU). The other institutional members of the consortium are: University of Cambridge, University of Bonn, Toulouse School of Economics, University College London, Catholic University of Portugal, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, and Charles University in Prague.

At the EUI professors from both ECO and LAW are involved. One of the objectives of the LAW research will be to identify the legal and constitutional challenges of the recent institutional innovations (Fiscal Compact, ESM, etc.) and, in particular, of the ADEMU proposals.

The EUI Law team will focus on 4 different themes:
1. Conditions posed to legal change in reachtion to the Eurozone crisis at both EU and national level
2. Legal aspects of overall new EMU package (eg MIP, EDP, BEPGs)
3. Legal aspects of risk-sharing
4. Legal aspects of banking union

ADEMU will start on June 1, 2015. The First Take-Off Conference will take place at the University of Cambridge, October 8 – 9, 2015, and the Final Conference will take place at the EUI – Florence “State of the Union”, May 2018.

Title Author(s) Date
1. Legal and Institutional Dimensions of EMU Intensive Workshop 22/10/2015
2. Workshop programma: Legal and institutional dimensions of EMU: economists and legal scholars in discussion 19/10/2016
3. ADEMU Working Paper Kilpatrick The new economic component of EMU: A lawful and effective design? Claire Kilpatrick 19/10/2016
4. ADEMU Working Paper: The Single Supervisory Mechanism: Legal Fragilities and Possible Solutions Giorgio Monti & Christy Petit 19/10/2016