Banking Union | Working Papers

This section will contain working papers resulting from research on the European banking union carried out in the framework of the ‘Constitutional Change through Euro Crisis Law’ project.

The ongoing construction of the banking union represents the main focus of the project in 2015 and will be the object of future events. Issues that will be addressed are:
  • prudential supervision and risk management;
  • agencies and independent authorities in the EU and in the Member States;
  • independence and accountability of the European Central Bank
  • the OMT case;
  • the state of democracy and technocracy.
Title Author(s) Date
1. Credit Bureaus Between Risk-Management, Creditworthiness Assessment and Prudential Supervision Federico Ferretti 12/05/2015
2. Conference Programme: The European banking union and its instruments Experience from the first years of an interplay with national banking supervision and resolution 19/10/2016