Constitutional Change Through Euro Crisis Law

This section holds the working papers prepared for a Workshop on  “Constitutional Change Through Euro Crisis Law” held at the EUI on 17 and 18 October 2014. This workshop asked legal scholars to approach some of the key issues arising out of the relationship between Euro Crisis Law and national constitutions, using the data and information provided by the national reports from the EUI Law Department’s Constitutional Change Through Euro Crisis Law Project.

Title Author(s) Date
1. Workshop Programme 17-18 October 2014 23/04/2015
2. Legal Manifestations of the Emergency in National Constitutional Law Coutts, Díez Sánchez, Marketou and Pierdominici 07/05/2015
3. Going ‘Belt and Braces’ – Domestic Effects of Euro-crisis Law Päivi Leino and Janne Salminen 07/05/2015
4. A Myopic Economic Constitution? Controlling the Debt and the Deficit without Fiscal Integration Violeta Ruiz Almendral 07/05/2015
5. The variable geometry of the euro-crisis: a look at the non-euro area Member States Thomas Beukers and Marijn van der Sluis 12/06/2015
6. Constitutions, social rights and sovereign debt states in Europe: a challenging new area of constitutional inquiry Claire Kilpatrick 16/06/2015
7. Taking budgetary powers away from national parliaments? On parliamentary prerogatives in the Eurozone crisis Cristina Fasone 03/08/2015